It had been a while

since it was just us…


We gathered together —

a homecoming of sorts


                    It came upon a midnight clear

                    that glorious song of old

                    from angels bending near the earth

                    to play their harps of gold


We dug through piles of old photographs

our fingers tracing the past


Laughter and shared memories,

the sound of pride


                                                           Peace on the earth, goodwill to men

From heaven’s all-gracious King

The world in solemn stillness lay

To hear the angels sing


Even as snow fell, cold on a black night

and the world outside spun, restless


we found respite, salvation in

the warmth of family


                                                          Still through the cloven skies they come

With peaceful wings unfurled

And still their heavenly music floats

Over all the weary world


Sometimes a guardian angel

knows just what we need


Her gift simply received,

this break from busy lives


                                                          Look now, for glad and golden hours

Come swiftly on the wing

O rest beside the weary road

And hear the angels sing


To hold her high

above the noise


We celebrate

a moment’s peace


                                                           When peace shall over all the earth

Its ancient splendors fling

And the whole world give back the song

Which now the angels sing


photo: Pexels

prompts: Sunday’s Whirligig, #WyldeVerse, MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt,

MLMM Music Prompt #18

“It Came Upon A Midnight Clear” Writers: Bob James, E. Sears, R. Willis








Even After Ever After

ever after

Stretching to reach that place
where highest ambition
and expectation

the place
in between
lines of



the place spinning desperation
and hope to create
that something

where gratitude
can capture

even after
ever after

photo: Pixabay

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Winter Doldrums



As night arrives

on the wings of ravens

black and unforgiving

winter’s chill settles

in my bones

like broken glass

I retreat

Within my inner sanctum

age creeps slowly

layer upon layer

like the blankets

that surround me

Alone and frail

succumbing to isolation

without a promise of reprieve

burdens carve lines in

once tender skin

I hibernate

Silent voices whisper

words not meant

to be heard

a failure to manifest

truth in the absence of light

as cold winds agitate barren trees

Siphoning memories

of a summer’s day

to evoke pleasure and purpose

and a chance to find inspiration

through these long months

I drift

A bouquet of wildflowers

to bolster my spirits

I stand strong

photo: Pexels

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Of blood and sacrifice

and curiosity for what may be

I wonder if it is worth the price

of blood and sacrifice

This gift of slanted hope must suffice

as I travel alone on a tumultuous sea

of blood and sacrifice

and curiosity for what may be


photo: mine (Block Island, RI)


prompts: MLMM Music Prompt Challenge, Yes Poetry, #SWPrompt, November PAD 14, #GRcultivatepoetry

Divergent Path

divergent path


Beware angels and demons who reminisce

a life unstrung with each opportunity gone amiss

A path followed with purpose will rise above their doubt

Hidden in those moments before dawn, a battle we will mount

We know after the rain comes sweet bliss


On the mend, open to better, open to this

their condemnation we dismiss

Let them snicker, let them pout

these angels and demons who reminisce


Enemy and false prophet, both remiss

as pointed attempts to guide us fire and miss

Advice and admonition we can do without

Let them fume, let them spout

as of our hard-won victory we reminisce

Beware those angels and demons

photo: Pixabay


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Author Interview – Cecelia Wilson – “Back to Bremen” (Non-Fiction/History/WWII)

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Silence of Truth

silence of truth


I believe you

I understand the power of silence

Silence sometimes bathed in hostility

Silence sometimes viewed from the inside looking out

Out of need driven by organized chaos

Out of necessity dictated by denial

Denial blossoms in a closet of secrets

Denial weaves webs of misdirected power

Power destroyed by me

Power destroyed by you

You join the chorus as I sing your tune

You are more than one voice

Voice after voice after voice after voice

Voice the weapon that bellows across decades

Decades that steal the innocence of a child

Decades that redefine fate

Fate fickle

Fate steadfast

Steadfast in our mission to uncover

Steadfast in this journey we travel together

Together we are silent no more

Together we are mighty

Mighty are those not meek

Mighty movements begin with a single step

Step in line they said

Step back they cautioned

Cautioned victims have had enough

Cautioned lives have turned around

Around the world we watch their status drop

Around our tables we make them pay

Pay attention as time draws near

Pay for crimes unpunished too long

Long is our memory

Long is our resolve

Resolve to fight the sly and deceitful

Resolve to be silent no more

More than a smile on a pretty face

More than something to be cast aside

Aside from simple decline

Aside from a slap on the wrist well-deserved

Well-deserved consequences abound

Well-deserved retribution rents space in our hearts

Hearts once broken

Hearts pumping blood through veins of the courageous

Courageous moments begin now

Courageous as we speak our truth

Truth breaks the bond of secrets

Truth is a shared belief

Belief is shared




photo: Pixabay

prompts: Wednesday Poetry Prompts 415, #SWPrompt 34, #WyldeVerse, Five Minute Friday, Sunday Whirl 324