Butterflies fly on currents the winds forgot released from cages by one who understood the hunger for freedom by one who felt the call of an open window by one who shuddered as every door slammed shut by one who grasps opportunity and lets it go     photo: Pixabay prompts: #becomingfragile, #WrittenRiver, MindlovesMisery’s... Continue Reading →



Daydreaming I seek meaningful reflection I reach for realms that feather reality a gentle touch that calms a fragile soul I let possibilities beguile I soften a weary heart washed with the lure of what could be I am hypnotized I am open as hope shakes off a cold embrace I reject failure and delusion... Continue Reading →

Courage to Change

Today's prompt from Tuesday Chatter: “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” – Mary Anne Radmacher I couldn't help but think of the brave and articulate students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Anything each of us can do... Continue Reading →

Rise Above Today

  Like air, I’ll rise    like wildfire burning over open prairies, I’ll consume consume each new opportunity consume with hunger borne of necessity necessity frames new directions to follow necessity leading to anywhere but here here quiet voices urge me to listen here demons dance to unsteady beats beats drumming, heartache strumming beats to carry... Continue Reading →

Broken Lights

Writing and Reflections

*reblogging an old poem…


Beneath the sparkling surface

Under festive ribbons and bows

Behind stockings hung with care

Lurks another side to Christmas

Filled with despair


In the quiet night

sits a young mother alone

by the cracked ceramic jar

emblazoned with “Pennies for a Rainy Day”

She knows it won’t go far


Across town

the room begins to fill

with the homeless and the poor

Thankful for hot meals

No other gifts will grace their door


Up the stairs

in a silent apartment

an old man moans

Recording another holiday

spent all alone


As we hustle and bustle

and gather last minute things

We should all pause to think

All the forgotten during this festive time

Who live on the brink



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Even After Ever After

Stretching to reach that place where highest ambition and expectation collide the place in between lines of truth yours mine mine the place spinning desperation and hope to create that something new where gratitude can capture eternity now even after ever after photo: Pixabay prompts: #WrittenRiver, #BeautifulMess, #WyldeVerse, #SWPrompt, Poets on the Page, #deccmchallenge

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