Keeper of the Fields

I will be attending the Austin International Poetry Festival later this week. In honor of that, I am posting the poems I plan to read at the festival.


Like his father

and his father before him

This way of life

coursed through his veins

Up before the morning sun

reflected off silos in the fields

Out the door before the kettle

cooled on the wood-fired stove

Moving with purpose

he paused briefly to caress

sleepy-eyed barn cats

Meowing their morning greeting

Pitchfork in calloused hands

he swung open a heavy gate

and set to work, his well-worn boots

sinking into the fresh dirt he labored to uncover

Like his father

and his father before him

he worked the fields until the evening sun

lost its battle with the relentless moon

Under a blanket of starry skies

that bathed his land in a soft glow

He rested on his porch, barn cats at his feet

A smile on his lips and satisfaction in his heart

Reflecting with intent

he paused briefly to give thanks

to a lot in life

that filled him with purpose

Folding dirt-stained hands

that would never quite come clean

He rocked slowly on that creaky porch

surveying his part in the rebirth that is Spring

Like his father

and his father before him

and like his son, folding his own dirt-stained hands

as he rocked beside him


Full Circle


If you wait long enough

life comes full circle

Each second ticks by

meticulously measuring each step

creating order amidst chaos

With no regard for grand plans or purposeful intention

things fall into place of their own accord

while you ride rivers of white water

pausing here and there in tidal pools, tranquil and calm

that linger just before the highest waterfalls

Sometimes you must surrender

and take the plunge

Become one with the water

a little bumped and bruised

but exhilarated by the ride

And when you arrive at that place where the river meets the ocean

and the crashing waves mirror the sound of the ever present ticking clock

You tumble onto the shore, wet and weary

confident enough to make your mark

as you draw a closed circle in the sand




Don’t ask about tomorrow

Come dance with me

This moment is all we need


Twirling round and round

we release pure energy

Rejoicing in the wonders of this day


Don’t ask me about tomorrow

or where we go from here

We’ll spin all our cares away


Let the music feed your soul

As those powerful beats

Keep time with the glory that is right now


Don’t ask me about tomorrow

That day is beyond our reach

Our song remains unwritten


Unwritten, unscripted

Until hearts forget

the tunes of yesterday

The Choice

Reblogging an old poem…fits today’s prompt nicely.

Steps Times Two



The Choice


It’s a choice

A conscious decision

To stand in judgement

Or open a heart


Within the iron walls of judgement

Cowardice fuels hatred

Fear consumes tolerance

Righteousness contradicts hope


Within the warm walls of a heart

Curiosity fuels understanding

Empathy consumes fear

Acceptance contradicts bigotry


Much easier to stand in judgement

Never inconvenienced

Never introspective

Never unguarded


Much harder to open a heart

Always challenged

Always vulnerable

Always exposed


Bring me the differences

I applaud them although

I may not agree


Show me the possibilities

I consider them although

I may choose a different path


Let me live within my heart

I welcome the journey although

I may stumble


Stretching, growing

Experiencing, learning

This is where I want to live

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After the Rain


Gentle rain falls

washing away debris

Remnants from more turbulent times

sink into hardscrabble soil

Provide much needed nutrients

to transform depleted foundations

into renewed resources

Ready to host new life


Scarlet pink rays

nuzzle gray skies

Softening landscapes

in a loving embrace

Leaving the heavens

to weep with joy

As the tempest passes

and the world is refreshed


In a home

that had been shuttered

from storm clouds

Windows are thrown open

to invite fresh air in

as the occupants

dance beneath

a glorious rainbow