Broken Traditions

Time stood still in this place where that which was will always be Bitterness incubates as silent expectations ricochet across unanswered prayers A community borne of common misgivings bands together in unified disappointment   And in the name of change, those storm clouds gather   When the ways of old wrinkle, distorted by nuances some... Continue Reading →


Sweetest Wine

Reblogging an old post for Tale Weaver #163 – “What does aging mean to you?”

Writing and Reflections



they said

Offering the sweet spirits

from the Fountain of Youth

My refusal

made clear

as the ornate goblet

crashed to the ground

Wouldn’t trade

shiny locks, long and luscious

for my  ever emerging

streaks of gray

Not for a moment

would I take back

these fine lines

creeping across my face

I welcome

these new aches and pains

that now greet me

each morning

Fountain of Youth?

They can keep it

I’ve discovered the Wine of Wisdom

Best served with a side of Experience

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  Butterflies fly on currents the winds forgot released from cages by one who understood the hunger for freedom by one who felt the call of an open window by one who shuddered as every door slammed shut by one who grasps opportunity and lets it go     photo: Pixabay prompts: #becomingfragile, #WrittenRiver, MindlovesMisery’s... Continue Reading →



Daydreaming I seek meaningful reflection I reach for realms that feather reality a gentle touch that calms a fragile soul I let possibilities beguile I soften a weary heart washed with the lure of what could be I am hypnotized I am open as hope shakes off a cold embrace I reject failure and delusion... Continue Reading →


Just In Case

As a teacher in a Catholic school, I was required to attend a safety meeting last week. It was held in a church and two retired law enforcement personnel taught us what to do if there was an active shooter during mass. While an important discussion, I was struck by the contrast of the topic... Continue Reading →



Lost in this masquerade as snarling beasts howl at dawn Truth sings a sharp serenade   Small and scarred, I stand apart — afraid wishing I didn’t see what I saw as battle lines were drawn lost in this masquerade   Social graces serve to further this charade conventions dictated by a crooked echelon still,... Continue Reading →


Love Perseveres

knowing in loneliness knowing in loving   She waits   balancing the distance between nowhere and here   She waits   points on a map disappear as time nullifies miles and minutes and minutia   she wages war against desperation and wills the waves to stop rolling   and waits   standing alone as cold... Continue Reading →


Courage to Change

Today's prompt from Tuesday Chatter: “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” – Mary Anne Radmacher I couldn't help but think of the brave and articulate students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Anything each of us can do... Continue Reading →


Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee, I’d invite you into my new office. My son is in school across the country and for the time being, I’ve claimed his bedroom as newly found writing space. I’m enjoying this quiet corner of the house and the cats are loving a new place to play and explore. I’d... Continue Reading →


Contemplating Patience

Sunday Writing Prompt 242   A second hand rocking chair alone in the corner   keeper of secrets collector of memories   a safe place to retreat from the madness within   Its curved arms warped by time welcome those who hunger for comfort   Its curved rockers sway without sound boundless in soothing repose... Continue Reading →


Taking Time

  This week’s Saturday Sound Bites prompt: Think of something you lost recently. What are two positive insights you gained from the experience?   I went for a walk today, enjoying an almost spring like day in February. It’s been months since I walked along the boardwalk and as I strolled along the water’s edge,... Continue Reading →


Sharing Poetry

Please enjoy this poem by my friend Jules. You can find her site here.    


Awaiting Renewal

Because the harsh days of winter invariably lead to rebirth, I am thankful for short days and cold nights. This scratchy wool that punishes my skin somehow prepares my body to receive the healing touch of silk and satin that is the warmth of spring.  A celebration, this joy in knowing that each self-inflicted hibernation... Continue Reading →


Indiscriminate Musings

Sightless I am lost in reverie Thoughts undulate like tentacles grasping memories in the ashes of a fire I set long ago   photo: Pexels   prompts: In Other Words, #TastyPoem, #FebruaryFalls18,


Poetry Conceived

  A curious power — finding magic hiding between the thorn and the rose   with wounded words found in rain-soaked cities and wide-open fields   between walls of glass that sparkle before dawn smudges and distorts clear blue skies   the lonely poet wears a cloak meant for the malefactor he lurks in the... Continue Reading →


Rise Above Today

  Like air, I’ll rise    like wildfire burning over open prairies, I’ll consume consume each new opportunity consume with hunger borne of necessity necessity frames new directions to follow necessity leading to anywhere but here here quiet voices urge me to listen here demons dance to unsteady beats beats drumming, heartache strumming beats to carry... Continue Reading →


Saturday Sound Bites – Smiles

This week's Saturday Sound Bites Prompt: What are three thoughts that made you smile today? This was a rough week but my new mantra is to find that silver lining. My son has arrived in Phoenix - some 2500 miles from home. I miss him terribly but when we spoke yesterday, I was struck by... Continue Reading →



  A familiar rumble - these freight cars that lumber across railroad tracks just down the hill Sound that becomes something physical, a rolling repetition that echoes in my chest and vibrates under my feet   It used to unnerve me this sense of something approaching a foreboding of sorts Filled with trepidation each evening,... Continue Reading →


Connections and Conversation

I love the stillness of an early Sunday morning when everything seems to be at peace. The coffee percolating on the counter drums its own beat and fills the kitchen with an aroma that will always mean comfort to me. This morning was an early one. Mark and I were out of the house by... Continue Reading →



We were invincible a force we created through mutual determination and love..and love   We learned together and grew together We laughed and we cried together   A single mom and her kids, we were strong because we had to be, because we needed to be because we knew we could be   Years passed... Continue Reading →


Saturday Sound Bites — Dream

This week I am participating in Saturday Sound Bites, hosted by Impromptu Promptlings and Peculiar Ponderings. The prompt this week: List five big dreams that haven’t come true yet… Five Big Dreams To find the freedom to write full time Although I love teaching, I look forward to the days when I can spend my... Continue Reading →


Recycled Power

Once the Harlequin, she danced pulled by strings she did not control   She tried to dampen rage, not her own She attempted to silence growls of the beast   A false smile belied inescapable tears She was a leaf flailing in the wind   Broken   But sometimes those damaged bits meld together to... Continue Reading →


On Wings

I found myself in the ruins again a barren landscape, that wasteland of the past somehow both haunting and familiar The angel on my shoulder endeavored to find reprieve as I struggled to breathe, struggled to find the horizon She stirred stagnant air, beating torn wings with the honed perfection unending practice brings My constant... Continue Reading →



Sometimes dreams take shape in the afterglow of a cleansing fire Hope borne from the ashes of grand plans marries naked ambition This, the inception of new found goals, flourishes   When burdens are abandoned and initial reluctance is buried, Possibility becomes a mantra and even the weary find the strength to race the wind... Continue Reading →


Weekend Coffee Share

Today has been a long but productive one. I spent most of the day working on my blog plan for 2018. With my headphones on, I am able to slip into another world and concentrate on my goals. It’s hard sometimes not to become distracted by the goings on around me. My husband has been... Continue Reading →


New Year, New Look, New Goals

As this blog enters its fifth year, I’m revisiting my goals and intentions. I originally began this as a way of forcing myself to resume a regular writing habit. Over the years, it has morphed into a page mostly focused on poetry. I do love writing poetry and will continue, but I’d like to expand... Continue Reading →


Brilliant Light

No more living in shadow’s fury   Memory pulverized by delicate hands reaching to hold times gone by   Once brilliant blooms fade as satin rosehips crackle and burn over the sun’s relentless touch   No more justifying a masquerade   A fusillade launched by enemies feigning innocence fastens bloodlines to destiny gone wrong  ... Continue Reading →



A new year emerging, an illusion in wings beating softly a memory of loss engaged in deep conversation with memories of love this, an ordinary world, where tears of joy and sadness fall as one Differences find meaning in all that is somehow familiar   Days become weeks as months get caught in moments we... Continue Reading →


As One, Together

  Suffering so great, it stole my breath Stories depicted in oil, in wood, in bronze whispered truths as we became one Their story was mine   History, the framework of the present Without the past, this past, I would not exist Hunger I’ve never felt pressed heavy on my privileged life Their desperation was... Continue Reading →


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