The Quest


Embarking on a quest, one that’s been calling my name

Need to find that place where parallel lines intersect

Time to live life from the inside out

Adventure’s whispering, cautiously creeping, staking a claim

Bare feet stomping on shards of glass, no need to be circumspect

Embarking on a quest, one that’s been calling my name

Been a long, long time coming, mine that is this walkabout

Vulnerable as a symptom, symptom as vulnerability…no matter

Need to find that place where parallel lines intersect

Chasing lines to the place on the horizon where light disappears

Creating rules and changing them as I go, that’s the plan

Time to live life from the inside out

photo: mine

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That’s the thing about habits, good or bad

They slip unnoticed into daily life until unique shadows

meld to become one, and one without the other drives even a calm person mad

Recognized far too late, these choice habits morph into those

deigned unfit, something to surrender, something to quit

and after many a false start, many dates passed by,

yesterday and yesterday circled in red with fixations unrelented

I found the resolve, I promised to commit

I began the quest though the call of routine did preoccupy

days, even minutes…how those old shadows tempted and tormented

Like many vices, mine began with youth

a smoke shared between friends, a pack to last a week

often paired with whiskey, wine or sweet vermouth

Slipping unnoticed, a normal routine, twenty plus a day at its peak

and like all pesky rituals incorporated into a day, it stuck somehow

until ten, twenty, thirty years passed by and now I’m perplexed

That’s the thing about habits, good or bad

Forgoing a thing you’ve done for years, to disavow

is not impossible. It’s the what to do next

as if in your own life, you’ve been cast the role of nomad

And so I’ve gone a week or three

I’ve cleared some hurdles and moved some debris

Still struggling some days with this new way of writing

The urge to light up, just one… I’m fighting, fighting

while mourning the loss of this old habit, as bad as it was

that filled the spaces where nothing happened just because

It’s funny how getting turned on its side brings fresh perspective

sometimes making moments of adjustment frustrating and ineffective

Until that morning when old habits seem not to matter

the familiar making room for whatever comes after

photo: Flickr/Raul Lieberwirth

Broken Branches


And on this day, we acquiesce

on our knees and in our hearts

as times of sorrow, bitter and precise, coalesce

Endings strangle slowly in fits and false starts

Some fail, others hesitate in these dark times

A few brave men offer a mischievous nod to false obedience

Each individual war is over as the final bell chimes

All pay the price as they pray to paper gods for expedience

How these days lurk, laden with the desperate laying alms

Trying to feed this insatiable beast, a lost cause

Inadequacies and pride more destructive than bombs

Peace out of reach for those that failed to pause

A moment to consider the paths to resolution

would have quieted these drums of dissolution


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Proving Grounds


Better to be lost than found

slipping into places where hard lines blur

Rhythmic denial expected, a final proving ground

Languid days designed to confound

as impish ways sacrifice succor

Better to be lost than found

Rough and raw experiences abound

Lessons learned no matter what may occur

Rhythmic denial expected, this final proving ground

High-pitched screaming such an eerie sound

when mixed with whiskey and words that slur

Better to be lost than found

Satisfaction defined by abandoned battlegrounds

Victory earned when even abject failure won’t deter

Rhythmic denial expected, this final proving ground

Escape from that place where dreams almost drowned

Of hope and happiness, I’m now a connoisseur

Better to be lost than found

Rhythmic denial rejected in this, the final proving ground

photo: Pixabay

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Could it be that the sum of twisted experiences

culminate in the ultimate self-sacrifice?

When cords, those tenuous threads, that tie

reality and perception together


a broken mind resists

strangling tacit explanations

as voices scream down every corridor

She prefers to embrace anarchy as

even simple beauty is

swallowed by inky blackness

Why else would there be

a meadow of beautiful flowers

growing in this concrete cell?

Awareness and acceptance of this world

are requirements that for her

cease to exist



prompts: MindlovesMisery’s Menagerie photo challenge 153, Sunday’s Whirligig 99

Channeling Calliope


When once solid ground shifts beneath my feet

I search for solace in all I‘ve known before

Capricious sacrifice, blood and ink compete

Raw emotions rage, unrelenting mentor

Harnessing fear and angst to empower me

I claw at handholds and climb again

clinging to my muse, my calliope

armed only with words and this pen

To rise above it, the place where falling

scrapes away layers of the too familiar

I embrace her sweet voice calling

My trusted guide, my conciliar

And when angels fly,  her whispering voice

I’ll translate, creating prose and poetry to rejoice

photo: Pinterest

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Winter’s Grasp


To the dark and dreary, I acquiesce

A steel grey sky harbors silence, grieving

and I regress, lost in proper pain and process

Aware as storm clouds gather, scheming

A steel grey sky harbors silence, streaming

and of hummingbirds and summer’s warmth, I obsess

to chase away this chill I’m feeling

Poking at demons dancing in lukewarm tea without success

And of hummingbirds and summer’s warmth, I guess

some would say a lost cause, a fool daydreaming

except in the backcountry where heard prayers nonetheless

lead to healing and quiet angels intervening

humming softly until the dark and dreary acquiesce

photo: mine

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Meet and Greet: 2/4/17

Another Meet and Greet event! It’s a great way to get involved in the writing community.

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the Meet and Greet weekend everyone!!  Strap on your party shoes and join the fun!  

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  5. Share this post on social media.  Many of my non-blogger friends love that I put the Meet n Greet on Facebook and Twitter because they find new blogs to follow.

See ya on Monday!!

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Defying Winter


When the view from everyday life is overwhelming and the familiar becomes strange
I long to feel the sun burning my tender skin again, just to feel alive

When the same street below is vacant and dreary and the cold seeps in, somehow penetrating shuttered windows and closed doors, and the only sound is suffocating  silence…

Silence… I slip and fall

Silence…as treacherous as that ice on the sidewalks below

Soft snowflakes swirl, falling from the grey sky and pile on my windowsill


and then a single bloom


a reminder of what’s to come

in due time

photo:Roger Bultot

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Paper Ambitions


I was paper

my ruled lines, empty

anticipating worlds we’d create

one word at a time

I was open

my blank spaces, ready

willing to receive your wisdom

one word at a time

You, a Charmer of the most venomous snake,

Master of Secrets, scheming

creating optical illusions

one word at a time

I was unprepared

my delicate skin, ripped

frenetic writing undermining dreams

one word at a time

Until that word was spoken

leaping from the page

to nestle in the hearts of many

resist, resist, resist, resist

We are paper

lines drawn, ready

creating a world, strong and united

one word at a time

photo: Pixabay

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Interview With Michele Vecchitto

I’m honored to be included in Mandi’s biweekly author interviews. She’s an amazing writer. Be sure to check out her blog, Mandibelle16. I discover something new to think about each time I go to her page.


Hi everyone! Wonderful to see you again for this biweekly interview withMicheleVecchitto. Michele is a friendly and kind woman who has a talent for writing wonderful poetry and engaging stories. I have been following her for a couple of years now, so I hope you will like her writing as much as I do. You can visit her blog here: Steps Times Two – Love and Life . . . The Second Time Around.

miichelle-interview-4 Credit: Michele Vicchetto

1. Hi Michele, Please Tell Us About Where You’re From?

I live in Niantic. It’s a lovely town on the Connecticut shoreline that somehow manages to hold on to the charm of days gone by while still offering all the conveniences I might need.

One of the many treasures in Niantic is a used bookstore calledThe Book Barn.It now has four or five satellite locations, but…

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Never Forget


Not so long ago, a world made of glass

slowly reached an impasse

At war with tenacious beliefs bolstered

by the timidity of belief distorted

They waited for dark times to pass

Cracks begin to form — soon, a crevasse

Devastation ensued en masse

Repercussions sorted by leaders they’d once courted

in this world made of glass

Counting minutes passing through an hourglass

Desperately hiding from those devoting time to harass

Some attempts to escape thwarted

For others, kind words from strangers exhorted

All the while, fighting enemies gathered in fields of grass

to shelter this world made of glass

Photo: Dale Rogerson

Prompt: Friday Fictioneers, Tablo Prompts

Skeleton Keys


Was it there all along?

An invitation unopened

beneath collections of correspondence

unanswered, ignored, aggressively

pushed away

A smile behind tears

tracing lines, carving sorrow

Muddying waters in a whirlpool

slowly pulling down, drowning in the place

where light disappeared

Sun shining brightly behind

rolling storm clouds

throwing daggers of electricity

that incinerated everything it touched

in a desperate inferno

Was it there?

A glimmer of hope

almost imperceptible

unfolding gently as dark skies gave way

to the splendor of a new day

refreshing, renewing, rebirth

Arriving in soothing waves

born of the salty tides of yesterday

baptized in the name of love

blessed by gods of forgiveness

blowing kisses on the wind

And as awareness defined a new life

and old skin was shed one scale at a time

it happened

Dreams replaced haunting nightmares

Inspiration defeated repeated regret

Happiness found that skeleton key

and married metal to lace

to unlock a battered heart

photo and prompt: Writing Outside the LinesThe Daily Post

Second Chances

seond chances.jpg

Subliminal intentions haunt


clinging to shadows

on curves meant to redirect

needless mistakes

dripping with regret

Capable of more than this

here and now, I pause

and take a breath

needing nothing more than to

create, I

escape just in time to explore

second chances

photo: mine

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Weekly Smile – Reunions



Here is another blogging event I’ve recently discovered. I am going to try to participate weekly. It’s called “The Weekly Smile” and is hosted by Trent P. McDonald. Check out his blog here.

This is part of his post describing the event: What made you smile in the last week? A photo? A kind word from a friend or stranger? A random act of kindness witnessed in life or on the news? Seeing a small baby or talking to an elderly parent or grandparent?  A joke? A song? Taking a walk? Going skiing? There had to be something. It could be small or Earth shattering. It might be a private word or a very public action. Say in a few words what made you smile. Or post a photo or a video or a link. This is my first response to the challenge.


Some people read their daily horoscope faithfully. I read mine occasionally, allowing a quick distraction from busy days. Last week was different.  I sat at my desk, frustrated with a bout of writer’s block and decided to check my horoscope, hoping something would spark inspiration. The cryptic message hinted at an opportunity to speak with someone I hadn’t thought of in a very long time. Someone from my past would be coming into my life again. I was mildly amused and it did lead me to wonder about old friends and what scenarios might play out if I bumped into various people. If nothing else, it broke the block and I returned to writing.

A few days later, I found myself thinking about that horoscope, curious about who it was I was destined to meet. I checked it again. A similar message appeared, talking about reunions. I mentioned it to my husband and also told him it said we would be coming into some kind of financial reward in the coming days. He laughed and said he hoped it was true. Nothing has happened on the financial front, but as far as reunions are concerned, well…it appears this horoscope was on target.

My sister recently started a new job. Turns out, an old friend of mine works in the same building. After being introduced by colleagues, she connected the dots and asked if he knew me. Once the connection was confirmed, they caught up on the places life had brought us and she passed along my contact information. Not long after, I received a text from Jon and we quickly caught up on the more than thirty years that had passed since we last spoke.

My husband and I have been invited for dinner tomorrow. I’m excited to visit with Jon and his wife and share old stories. They live in a part of the state where my husband and I are planning to move in the upcoming year and it will be nice to build a friendship with a couple who live nearby. Jon shares my love for writing and I look forward to bouncing ideas off one another.

My horoscope for today tells me Trust in intuition. Have faith in what is happening at the moment. Trust in the cycle of life. One of the goals I’ve set for this year is to engage more in the writing community and make more connections. I do have faith that the plans I have can come to fruition. Connecting with old friends and new is part of the cycle of life. This moment is connecting my past to the present and that makes me smile.

Starting Fires


I remember how the fire started

Embers condemned, forever unlit

glowing in forests uncharted

as I clawed my way from the grit

I was embers condemned, forever unlit

He was the spark, urging me to shine

A promise made as luck would have it

when we walked beneath towering pines

He was the spark, urging me to shine

Together we carved a path, openhearted

Each day, a page added to our storyline

since the day that fire started

photo: M. Vecchitto

prompts: WordPress Daily Post, 3 Words A Day, Inspire Me Monday

Breaking Walls


If I asked the questions

would it be enough to break through

the walls we build between us

Without offering advice or suggestions

I might have a chance to get to know you

if I asked the questions

It might give us the chance to discuss

all that stands in the way of a chance to connect

Would it be enough to break through?

And so I’ll continue to ask and hope

we can find a way to destroy

the walls we build between us

photo: Pixabay

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In the Name of Faith


Father remembers odd shadows

threading time at every turn

and mother cries as she remembers

the child who is gone

A pastor preaches faith

as the choir sings of losses revealed

Investigators toil to uncover what clues revealed

Searching for evil that lurks in the shadows

That he would be caught was a matter of faith

as they waited for the tide to turn

Justice due for the child who is gone

and for her mother who still remembers

And for that mother who remembers

the ugly side of humanity revealed

the beautiful smile forever gone

And for a father, broken in the shadows

threading time at every turn

too burdened to find hope or faith

But from another side, another place, the child named Faith

exists in peace, holding onto love she remembers

Swirling in her parents’ arms, she turns and turns

The beautiful side of humanity revealed

She is light chasing every shadow

A love that is never gone

Slowly, slowly the sadness lifted, ‘though never quite gone

They mended broken pieces to honor a child named Faith

Slowly, slowly they accepted a bit of light in their place of shadows

They swallowed all the pain to feast on a love that remembers

A new way of life was revealed

while the world turns and turns

Acceptance, not quite forgiveness, is what turns

the past into a place now gone

Their strength revealed

all for the child named Faith

by a mother who remembers, a father who remembers

a life never lived in the shadows

Grief turns slowly, becoming faith

She is gone, but love reveals

a bond forged by dispelling all the shadows


prompts: #PenningEmerson, WordPress Daily Post, #MadVerse

Silent Intentions


Appreciate silence as it lingers

long after we’ve traded promises

Giving meaning to empty words

as was our intention

Spinning the continual absence of noise

into ribbons of prayer

Each a stitch in a blanket

that wraps us in protection

Each a note in a song

that soothes our weary soul

It is here where we accept the gift

that being vulnerable brings

Being open to the challenge

Committing to our part

in this exploration of

a life we will create


photo: mine

prompts: 3 words a day, Weekly Writing Challenge #70

Weekend Coffee Share


I’m excited to take part in an event I’ve just discovered. The Weekend Coffee Share is a link-up for bloggers to share conversation. The idea is that we share a cup of coffee and chat.

If we were having coffee as this new year begins, I would welcome you and ask that you ignore the chaos in my home that my animals bring. I’m sure Rocco would be busy slathering you with kisses as my old girl, Rosie, would slowly wag her tail as she sits by the fire. Her arthritis is getting the best of her, so she’ll love you from afar. The two cats, although full of affection, tend to be shy. Don’t mind them as they peer at you from atop the bookcase.

If we were having coffee, I’d share some of my mother’s home-baked treats, the one she refers to as “Alice Baker’s Coffeecake” in deference to a dear friend who shared the recipe. The familiar scent of cinnamon always brings the comfort of home. I’d tell you to have a slice or two. Mom sends these over almost weekly. There’s always enough.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask what you’re wishing for in the days to come. Me? I’m not one for resolutions, but I am hoping this year brings the changes I’ve been working for these past few years. You’d see the piles of papers I need to correct right next to volumes of poetry, teetering stacks of books, and a plethora of sticky notes plastered across my desk. An old photo of my husband’s grandfather and handwritten notes are pinned to the bulletin board just next to my writing table, waiting for me to resume work on the historical fiction piece I’m writing.

If we were having coffee, you’d see photographs of my family scattered here and there. My children, now young adults, might wander in as we visit. I’m pleased to say they’d be nothing but polite as they said hello and slipped out the door, busy with lives of their own. I’d ask about your family because I know this is where each of our hearts truly lives.

If we were having coffee, I’d share some of what I write and ask to read yours because being involved as a community gives the words we string together life. I’d tell you I am hoping this year gives me more time to comment on the work of all the writers I read, and I’d give thanks for being given the chance to think about things in new ways.

And when our visit was over, I’d thank you for the time we shared and ask that whatever the future brings, our time together was considered time well spent.

Meet and Greet: 12/31/16

Another great Meet and Greet opportunity!

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the Meet and Greet weekend everyone!!    

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See ya on Monday!!

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Haunted by this uncertain feeling

I dream of running, running away

Visions of another life, revealing


And so I teeter on the edge, kneeling

Finding purchase on glass bridges as they sway

Haunted by this uncertain feeling


A future reflected in canyons below… calling, squealing

Released from confines of expectations, I stray

Visions of another life, revealing


Walking in shadows and slowly healing

I dreamed I was ok, I dreamed of new doorways

Haunted by this uncertain feeling


Stoic, I conceal these plans so appealing

Embracing fear that inspires as I pray

Visions of another life, revealing


Done with moments spent double dealing

and opportunities stuck in exponential delay

Haunted by this uncertain feeling

Visions of another life, revealing



photo: Pinterest


prompts: #MadVerse, #TastyPoem, Lyric Ideas

Silent Battles


She suffers in silence, alone

Her outward appearance, deceptive

as her body wages war on itself

crippling joints, a slow-motion stranglehold


Her outward appearance, deceptive

Some days are good while others succumb

to that slow-motion stranglehold as it tightens its grip

Her counter attack, a cornucopia of pills — yellow, pink, orange


Still, some days are good enough to balance those when she succumbs

to relentless fatigue and chronic pain that saps her energy until

she wages that counter attack with shades of yellow, pink, and orange

She is silent, suffering alone as we become brothers-in-arms


Relentless fatigue and chronic pain sap her energy

as the search for a cure continues in the dedicated community

We, brothers-in-arms, tirelessly campaign to raise awareness

so that she no longer suffers alone, silently



for Mom, Mo, Ashley, and Elizabeth


photo: Pinterest


prompt: NYPC #19/MoSt Poetry, #pantoum

Faith and Family


Traditions hold captive the place of our dreams

where hope and yearnings, past and present live

where we believe anything is true

when we gather once again to remember

what is was like when time stood still


Laughter and light bring comfort that streams

across candlelit tables filled with gifts to give

across miles and time with a different view

inside a gathering each December

beside the tree decorated on the hill


Tinsel and twinkling lights gleam

and old ways demand we relive

and we acknowledge all we knew

so to share traditions to each new member

of this family built on a foundation of good will



photo: mine

prompts: Life of a Writer